Card counting tutorial part one – introduction

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Contrary to popular belief, card counting does not require a photographic memory, or a freakish mathematical ability. In fact the art of card counting is actually quite easy to master. If you are capable of simple mental arithmetic, then you are quite capable of learning the skill.

However, also contrary to popular belief is that card counting is an easy way to make money. Sitting down for hours on end in a smoke filled room performing the same monotonous task with the risk of losing large amounts of money is by no means easy. For those readers looking for a quick and easy solution to their financial freedom, I suggest you seek professional financial advice.

This series of posts will make no attempt to disillusion the reader into believing that card counting will lead them to a fortune in winnings. It requires a lot of dedication and commitment to make money at this game. However, if you are already a blackjack player or enjoy casino gambling and are prepared to risk losing large sums of money then you can turn your hobby into a considerable money making venture.

I suggest that you read these posts slowly, and take your time to learn the skill as described in the card counting tutorial. Pay particular attention to the post on betting strategy, where the potential winnings and risks of losing money are discussed.

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